Smart Water

All your Problems come to an end

Do You Face the Following Problems?

Did you wake up today and realized that you forgot to switch on the water motor and now the tank is empty? Or perhaps you’re in the shower and the water just stops and you realize that the water tank is empty. Are the water timings odd in your area? And do you have to stay up late at night or wake up very early in the morning to fill up the water tank? Do you want a smart system to get rid of all the problems?

IoT Water Management Problems
Smart Water Management App

Well, we took care of all Water Problems!

Live a Smart future-oriented life

Automate and regulate your water systems around your house or workplace with our advanced water monitoring system. Remote management and pre-scheduling your water supply to meet your daily schedule are possible thanks to this technology. Prioritize energy saving and sustainable water use in your home.

Out on a trip? Is it possible you forgot to turn off the water motor? It’s not an issue anymore. Using our smartphone app, you can turn on or off your water motor and see the water levels in real time. Using our smart water monitoring system, you have the option to monitor via your smartphone. Our app is easily downloadable and can be found on Google Play or Apple Store.

How the Smart Water Management System Works?

There are microprocessors and sensors built right into the water tanks to switch the water off when not in use. Detection and monitoring of water levels in the main lines is ensured by sensors that check water levels according to predetermined threshold values.

Smart water monitoring systems sends out alerts when water levels fall below a certain level or a leak is discovered. We have designed and manufactured our products to cater the people of Pakistan. So, our water management systems are compatible with the existing water monitoring models, such as boring systems.

ComFORT's Smart Water Monitoring System

Live Water Tank Status

Keep track of the water level in your tank with our smartphone app.

Scheduling Management

Schedule when your water motor will turn on and off.

ComFORT's Smartphone App

Offline Connectivity

Control your home appliances even without an Internet Connection.

One Touch Control

Control your water monitoring system with a single touch