Comfort's Smart Building

Smart Living A Simple, Smart and Secure Lifestyle

Smart Building System

Using the ComFORT Smart lifestyle means that water and energy management is built into all of your home appliances, so you can control them all with one touch. This makes life more comfortable.

Smart Building automation is the process of connecting and setting up a building’s many functional parts (like lights, HVAC, and security cameras) to a network so that they can take the right actions when they need to. This is done with ComFORT’s Smart Building automation.

Smart buildings can set off an alarm when they detect changes in temperature, humidity, smoke, and other things. This is a good example. If it sees an intruder, it can take a picture of them and send the information to the police.

Solutions we Provide in Smart Building System

Smart Appliances

To make the lights, fans, and more in the Smart Building work the way they should, you can use Smart Switch panels.

Smart Security

Invest in smart door locks, smoke detectors, and a CCTV camera system to improve the security of the building.

Smart Water Management

We have a smartphone app that lets you keep track of how much water you use each month and be alerted to any changes in the water tank’s condition.


Solutions we Provide in Smart Building System

Automate Water Management

This way, when water levels fall or rise in a tank, a motor will start or stop.

Get Notified About Intrusion

Get alerted when someone tries to get in. People who break into a home will be notified by alarm systems, and security will also be told about it.

Open Garage Doors

Now, residents can use RIFD-based parking entrance systems to get into their cars and get out.

Get Notified Real time

There are alarm systems on each floor, so keep an eye on them. If something goes wrong, tell the security staff.

Localized Solutions

It was made to deal with issues like regional connection and power outages.

Protection of Personal Information

All of your personal information is safe and secure at home