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Our IoT Solutions company in Pakistan makes web-enabled connected devices that are part of an IoT ecosystem. These devices are made with embedded systems like processors, sensors, and communication hardware, which help them get and send data from their environments. They also use these systems to do something with the information they get from these systems, too. In order for sensor data from IoT devices to be shared, they connect to an IoT gateway or another device called a “edge device.” There, the data is either sent to the cloud to be analyzed on the device itself and sent back. Some of the time, these devices talk to each other and act on what they learn from each other. Users can interact with them to set them up, give them instructions, or get their data.

Driving Digitization

Connected devices make it easier for businesses to keep up with the times, according to our most recent research. Data-driven operations and business modernization both benefit from this. It was better for businesses that used IoT during the pandemic than those that didn’t do anything at all until the virus was over. People who are in charge of things like IoT also do better at a lot more things than the other people in their field do. Supervisors can use the Internet of Things and machine intelligence to make smart decisions.

We aim to make huge IOT implementations quick and easy.

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An Accenture report says that the Internet of Things will add $14.2 trillion to the world’s GDP by 2030. Consumers might make less mistakes if they can see how the floor is doing in real time, and this could make the whole thing better.

Tracking production makes it easy for problems with machines to be fixed quickly because there is a way to keep track of them. This makes sure that all floor operations and processes run smoothly and quickly.

Services we provide

IOT Consultancy

They work with businesses to help them get around the digital world today and in the future.
This is done by coming up with strategic digital solutions.

IOT Solutions

We have made a lot of IoT applications that have worked well in a lot of different places around the world. These include residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

IOT Platform Service

Internet Of Things help businesses make better decisions by simplifying communication and device management. Making it easier to connect and manage devices helps.

IoTSol. Vision

Being an IoT company in Pakistan, we take advantage of robust solutions and operational efficiencies in order to improve existing digital options. This way, we can give you a better experience. Smart products aren’t the only thing we offer. Also, we make sure that our services are smart and help you to make your work life easier every day, so you don’t have to worry about it.


All in one IOT Platform

We design IoT resources for your home or business that are unique to you. See through our IoT categories, apps, and solutions to get ideas and help your business become more digital.


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  • Smart Home
  • Smart Building
  • Smart Office
  • Smart Industries

Home Automation system that makes everyday life easier

IOT Based smart home products
With IoTSol's Smart Home System, you can now control your home with your smartphone. You can now control your home with your smartphone. All of your home appliances, like lights, fans, air conditioners, TVs, and more, can be controlled with our app on your phone.

Smart Building Eco System

To improve the security of the premises, a fully automated building ecosystem
Everything from, Sensors, Automation, CCTV to installing smoke detectors and leakage alerts are all included in the smart building system.

Smart Office

Convert your ordinary workplace into a Smart Office.
Smart Office systems provides a productive environment for employers and employees and every office is customized according to the office's needs.

Smart Industries

IIOT makes your industry a Smart Industry with all the information at your disposal
From production tracking to asset management and supply chain management, you can now get all the information with a single click through Smart Industry system.


Some of our  developed IOT Solutions

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